Adult Education Courses at Sawston Village College

Sawston Adult Community Learning presents our courses for the whole year to allow you to consider and plan your choices. We are delighted to be able to offer our community a vibrant programme of learning and leisure opportunities and hope you will find something to your taste on these pages. There is a mixture of familiar courses that we have offered in the past alongside new and exciting ones.

As the first of the Cambridgeshire Village Colleges we are committed to community learning. With your support we can continue to offer interesting learning and leisure opportunities to enrich the lives of those who live locally and expand our programme year on year.

Term Dates

Autumn Term 18 September - 01 December

Half-term 23 – 27 October

Spring Term 15 January – 29 March

Half-term 12 – 16 February

Summer Term 23 April – 09 July

Half-term 28 May - 01 June

Course Fees and Refunds

Course fees are payable in full upon enrolment in advance of the class commencing. *Please be aware some courses have additional costs, enquire upon enrolment. Fees are only refunded in full if you cancel your enrolment at least one week before the course starts or the College closes a class. If you cancel less than one week before the class starts or withdraw once the course has started there will be no refund. If you withdraw due to ill health, a refund will be made on a pro rata basis upon receipt of a doctor’s note. If a class is cancelled due to circumstances out of our control, extra classes will be added to the programme and no refund will be available. In the event of severe weather conditions resulting in school closure, there will be no classes. Please check the school website or tune into local radio.

Concessionary fees. A discount of 25% is available if you are in receipt of a means-tested benefit, evidence of which must be available on enrolment.

*The College can not accept responsibility for the cost of materials purchased for courses that may be cancelled.

Learning Information

You can contact us by email at for more information.

You can download course information from this website.
Please check our website throughout the year for new courses.

The office will be open from Thursday 24 August. Our hours are 9.00am to 1.00pm Monday to Friday. We will also be open on Saturday 2 September from 9.00 to 12 noon to take enrolments.
There is a 24 hour answerphone. Please make sure you enrol early to avoid disappointment or the cancellation of the course. Unless you are notified by us, you should attend your course on the first evening.

On starting your course you will receive our learner handbook and information, directing you to our policies and regulations. If, at any stage, you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.